Composer, sound artist and designer based in Ireland.
I collaborate frequently with artists working in other media, most often circus performers and dancers.

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HAM (April 2022)
Documentary piece about amateur radio.
Interview contributions from Annard Brower (EI41IQB), Ana Cańizares Bejarano (EI5IXB), Tony Breathnach (EI5EM), Joe Guilf (EI2JZ).
String parts performed by The Ficino Quartet.
Made for the Five Lamps Festival, 2022 with an Agility Award.
Debuted as a co-broadcast on Near FM and Dublin Digital Radio.

EIN SOF/t serve (SEPTEMBER 2021)

Made for a Culture Night 2021 event in Dundalk Arts Centre.
Strings performed by the Ficino Ensemble.


Piece for solo flute with sliding head joint.
Commissioned for the Crescent Festival of Contemporary Music, 2021, I was one of three competition winners selected to write a work for the program.

Performance by William Dowdall.


Part of “Spread #2”, An online zine focusing on sub-cultures, music and sex work.

This issue supported the fundraising campaign for Jaja studios, an artists’ studio collective off which I’m a member. For this, they asked for contributed works from associated artists.

Text read by Karen Hammond.


Excerpt of work made during a residency at the Lexicon Library, Dun Laoghaire. I was selected as that year’s Emerging Musician in Residence.

The video is shots from accompanying visuals to the concluding performance.

Guitar: Aoife Hammond
Drums: Sebastian Jezzi
Fiddle, Electronics and Video: Craig Cox.